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Trained Attendant

Home care assistants serve a vital role in providing much-needed assistance to the elderly, disabled, and chronically ill patients. They care for patients who independently are unable to maintain good hygiene, proper nutrition, and a clean living space. They may also assist with daily activities and recreation if needed by the patient.

Typical Home Care Attendant Tasks Include:
1. Cleaning, grooming, bathing and feeding of the patient.
2. Prevention and management of bed sores
3. Monitor vitals of the patient (Blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, etc.)
4. Housekeeping of the patients room
5. Helping in physiotherapy
6. Listening and taking care of basic emotional needs of patient
7. Assistance in walking and outing
8. Administration of steam and assistance in nebulization
9. Administration of oral medication
10. Care of feeding tubes, administration of oxygen
11. Dressing and care of wounds

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